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CSR Activities

Daimler in Japan is committed to its role as a responsible corporate citizen. This commitment entails an ultimate focus on quality in all its operations and business practices. It also means the company contributes to society in a wide variety of ways – from support of cultural exchange and educational programs to sponsorship and disaster relief.



FUSOKids is Mitsubishi Fuso’s Social Responsibility Program which aims to support children worldwide. We in MFTBC, together with our global partner’s network, and other existing NGOs, are committed to jointly contributing to the well-being of children, with a focus on educational outreach.

Daimler donated 50 vehicles for the relief efforts of the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster in 2011. The donated fleet included Mitsubishi Fuso trucks and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In addition Daimler made a cash donation of €2million in the immediate aftermath of the disaster.

Since 2012, the five Daimler Group companies in Japan have jointly participated in the environmental conservation activities of the Mt.Fuji Club, a recognized specified nonprofit organization, engaging in cleanup activities at the base of Mt.Fuji.